HP Pavilion DM1-4012TU Intel Core i3-2367M

There seems to be a shortage of low cost 11-12 inch Intel Sandy Bridge ultraportable laptops in the market. Acer did not release a successor to the popular Acer TimelineX 1830T of 2010, no new Intel version of the Sony Vaio YB has been released in the market. For 2011, most of the low cost 11-12 inch ultraportables we have seen have been powered by AMD's Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit. 

HP has released a very successful laptop in this category, the HP Pavilion DM1 which we first saw with with an AMD E-350 APU and has now been updated to AMD E-450 APU late this year. Another version of the HP DM1 is available in the market, this one sporting a Intel Core i3-2367M 1.4 GHz with Intel HD 3000 graphics.  It comes with 2GB of RAM, a 640GB hard drive and the usual connectivity options you see in today laptops like Bluetooth, HDMI out and WiFi. Unfortunately, it does not have a USB 3.0 port and instead comes with three USB 2.0 ports.  The operating system is Windows Home Basic 64-bit.

Priced at Php29,990 is priced about 6-7K more than its AMD E-450 competition, which seems to be reasonable considering that the Sandy Bridge package offers more punch then an AMD E-450 system.