BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 now officially available

RIM, the manufacturer was able to prevail against strong opposition from the House of Google and Apple have hardly think, but not in the least want to give up on it and not only in the smartphone, lay it in the tablet segment. The recently released Playbook made ​​a good impression, however, been disappointed with lack of apps, such as an e-mail client or even a simple calendar. With OS 2.0 RIM sets but now after.

With the Playbook RIM OS 2.0 brings in a long time finally an e-mail client for which the manufacturer was still being asked by his very business smartphones. Although the client is now available, you can create only one entry for all available e-mail addresses. So you can disconnect from multiple e-mail addresses of their messages almost indistinguishable.

Connections with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are now possible and work across App. So one can summarize the Facebook calendar through a channel called the local calendar. Also benefited from the address book, because then the address book entry can be easily supplemented with a profile of a social network.

In addition, the BlackBerry app bridge was equipped with new features. So you can use their BlackBerry smartphone as a remote control now, for example, if the playbook was connected to a television and media also play. Also interesting would be the use of the first Android-Apps Android app via a player and the new BlackBerry Video Store. First Apps for are already in the BlackBerry App World.

The update to OS 2.0 can be obtained with the playbook over-the-air and is just under 505MB in size.

Source: RIM press release