Google Brille mit Display for Augmented Reality

It sounds very much like everything but the future: search engine giant Google will begin to offer this year a pair of glasses with built-in display. This device will allow users to access applications, augmented reality (augmented reality). The New York Times reported that the glasses to the end of the year on the market and cost 250-600 dollars. In addition, Google's come Andorid mobile operating system used. The device is controlled via the user's movements. In addition, the glasses with a built-in camera and use of GPS data over a 3G or 4G connection to gather information about the whereabouts.

The presentation of the collected content will be specially adapted to the screen and glasses are presented not as smart phones in the form of Web sites. With the glasses, it would be possible to represent, among other things information about friends, places or buildings nearby. Remember user should not be mistaken with the glasses on his nose through the streets: the device was not designed for long wear and more like a smart phone should be used only when needed. Is whether and at what price the augmented reality goggles on the market, Google will show us the future.

Source: New York Times