L.A.W. "Living After War" – Closed Beta gestartet

L.A.W. Living After War :Games on sky seemed the start of closed beta of the hitherto relatively unknown game MMOG LAW on 02/16/2012 to enlighten a new light. The whole sounds far-fetched to possibly drawn, but this phrase conceals more truth than initially assumed.

For the post-nuclear world was abandoned after a nuclear war 200 years ago by the people so that they can once again return to the former refugee ship "Tomorrow" to the old abandoned home again to repopulate. Unfortunately, the current population, a mutant offspring of the people to be more precise, the "Nak" something about it and it sparked a heated battle for sheer survival.

But not only that survival is a daily occurrence, because to win a war, you need heavy equipment, such as Tanks and helicopters, in addition, the player must save valuable resources, but from the enemy in order to build a powerful army full of soldiers ready for battle.

As in every other MMO role-playing also several dungeons, guild systems and extensive skill sets are freely available. All this seems not particularly, but beware: Sas combines classic MMO LAW with a real-time strategy game and a clever player vs. Player (PvP) system. Here you are allowed to decide you still, if you help people build a new civilization, or to defend the Nak built by them civilization and the people finally to expel from the scene. For this purpose, you are three classes available, and thanks Charrakter free skill system develop so nearly infinite number of possibilities to customize your Charrakter your combat system.

All owners of a beta keys should be so quickly the free action game download on the website and participate in the fight to the ground. For everyone else will start the bitter battle for the Earth only in the foreseeable future.

Source: alaplaya.net