Nokia 808 PureView packs a 41MP camera

The camera of the Nokia 808 Pure View has placed the Finnish manufacturer a new pixel record: forty-one megapixels of resolution, it proposes itself expensive full-frame SLR cameras. The huge number of pixels is not used to taking pictures of huge images - the maximum adjustable image size is 38 million pixels (7152 × 5368) - which are 41 megapixels used to zoom in without loss in the photo or video, and by calculation noise and distortion of the optics. Nokia calls this oversampling.

The photo sizes are normal because even at 3, 5 and 8 megapixels, only in HD mode allows 34 (16:9) and 38 megapixel (4:3) mode. Video takes the nokia 808 Pure View full HD resolution (1080p) on, where you can zoom in without the usual loss in digital zoom up to 4x - completely silent. Provide additional light when needed a xenon flash, the camera lens comes from Carl Zeiss. Further details and an initial assessment of image quality can be found on heise photo.
Interestingly, the photo is not under Nokia's smartphone operating system is now preferred Windows Mobile 7, but on Symbian Belle with Feature Pack 1 The internal memory of 16 GB will be able to expand with a microSD card up to 48GB.

Other features include a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen with not quite contemporary 640 × 360 pixels and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and DLNA-compliant streaming. The microUSB port is host-capable and therefore recognizes the connected USB drives and even keyboards. An adapter cable with Nokia supplies, pay for an HDMI adapter to connect to a TV you have extra. A-GPS and an FM transmitter for wireless transmission of music on the car radio are standard equipment the nokia 808 Pure View. For more information on these and other new announcements, we have provided in our mobile gallery.

The phone transmits in all major GSM and UMTS networks and will remain on a single charge up to 540 hours on standby. The maximum speaking times are according to the manufacturer for 11 hours in GSM and 6.5 hours in UMTS network.