PlayStation Vita : With FIFA Football was the first PS Vita published titles

With a top-class FIFA football right title for the PlayStation Vita is published by EA there is even a quantum leap in terms of mobile gaming to go directly to avoid the breakdown of the 3DS games. As will be indicated by the comparison of a quantum leap already, "shoots" EA is not simply out just a title for the PS Vita, such as one or the other professional players to football, but you get almost the same game as the big brother the PlayStation 3 word literally hold in your hand.

As already mentioned, one gets FIFA football with a title that could just as well on the HD console homely appearance and in terms not only of the name. For graphics, licenses, ball physics and the gameplay is on par with the PlayStation 3, according to FIFA Vice President and Executive Producer Kaz Makita.

This eight different game modes are available, such as Meanwhile, the established "Be A Pro", "11 to 11" or even a career mode. Furthermore, of course, the hand of a hero but not revolutionary, but still impressive touchscreen with included. So with a single "finger rub" mature ball relay races in Barcelona and Ronaldo free-kicks suspect can be executed. Of course, such a wiper to be more than just practice, because the only way to ensure the high sensitive touch sensors in each one hundred-percentage precision and at the same incredible creativity.

Of course, as in the original for the PlayStation console and HD 30 licensed leagues, over 500 original clubs and stadiums around the world with it.

Source: EA