Rumors about iPad version of Microsoft Office

Who wanted to edit and create Office documents on his iPad or previously had to rely on the software offered by Apple or third-party - was a reasonable solution from Microsoft itself, it sometimes does not. The Daily reported in November about plans for an Office version for the iPhone - are now to concretize these plans: The Daily should have received an exclusive insight into the software from Microsoft to Apple's Tablet.

The layout is identical to the already available OneNote app. The Office phone next to Word and Excel files are also PowerPoint presentations can be created and edited. According to The Daily is an Android version is not yet in development - the App Store but the application should be available in the near future. Compared to the New York Times, however, Microsoft has denied any information about the IOS office. There were "unfounded speculation and rumors". How much truth is ultimately in the statements, we will see in the next few weeks.

Source: The Daily