SSX - demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 released

According to Ubisoft's "Shaun White Snowboarding" from the year 2008, it was right in the snowboarding video game scene, still, if only one PC, the Xbox 360 and considered the PlayStation 3. This is on the Xbox and the PlayStation but now have an end, as "SSX" by Electronic Arts is coming to this event can EA all Xbox Live and PlayStation Network owners now have the Rocky Mountains, and a trick event in New Zealand unsafe.

With the resumption of the project to the next gen consoles SSX, EA will again build on previous successes. So in the demo EA granted exclusive insights not only on two-fidelity tracks that have been using NASA satellite data, created, but also provides the new "Explore" gameplay on display. The above-mentioned game mode you can upload your best times and craziest tricks as exact duplicate "ghost" SSX on a server, from which then all your friends can be a hard nut, the teeth of these spirits. Of course, the whole works in the opposite direction and you can judge you at the dizzying high scores of your friends.

Self it seems completely and entirely convinced of the new edition of the acclaimed arcade-game series to be. Especially since breaking with the virtual ghosts, supposed to represent the full schedule now no longer an obstacle to personal bests or "high scores" of friends. Likewise, should any problems on this basis, global events that can occur at any time, be denied in real time against real people, with a constant entry and exit function.

Of course, standing in the "Explore" mode more than just "normal" race to the freedom of choice, such as Runs, where you order your survival, or just ride for pleasure trick loaded your fans. In addition, is also an online mode is available with a newly-built line of EA function, the RiderNet you want to do without lobbies or waiting.

Who is the only way to the front of adrenaline strotzendem title could never resist anyway, should make haste to be downloading the demo available until 20/03/2012. Or buy directly on 03.01.2012 published a full version.

Source: EA