Ubuntu as a second system for Android smartphones

The software company Canonical, which is among other things behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has introduced a version of its operating system that will run on Android phones. In parallel with the Android OS will transform this version of Ubuntu the phone into a mobile desktop computer. The operating system is used but only when connected to a notebook or desktop PC to bear. Then the phone switches to the Ubuntu system and gives the user access to the full Linux operating system. The phone will only control the screen of your computer - peripherals such as keyboard and mouse must be connected separately to the smartphone.

If the connection is cut off, the phone is back in the familiar Android mode. The user always has as its customized version of Ubuntu with this and also get access to contacts and files on your smartphone. Moreover, the connected computer to access the 3G or WiFi connection of your phone. As a minimum requirement for the Ubuntu version of Canonical's with a dual-core processor at 1 GHz and 512 megabytes of RAM.

Source: Canonical