Lenovo IdeaPad U300e

Posted by | 11:40
The Lenovo IdeaPad U300e is a hybrid drive version of the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s. Other than the hybrid drive, the other specifications are id...

Should you buy a 3G tablet?

Posted by | 23:54
A year ago I would have said no if you already had a smartphone on a data connection. The reason was back than all we had were time based 3G...

A second try at the Smartbook?

Posted by | 21:07
In 2009 Qualcomm announced the Smartbook, which was essentially a ARM based laptop with built in 3G and GPS. Smartbooks would have all day b...

Will Facebook intergration and navigation make Nokia and HTC Windows Phone a hit in the Philippines?

Posted by | 10:43
The killer feature of Windows Phone 7.5 for the Philippines is the best Facebook integration of any mobile operating system. The killer appl...

Is it time to upgrade your two year old phone? A look at the first half of 2010.

Posted by | 16:30
Most carriers lock you in for two years, and a smartphone is acknowledge to have a two year life cycle by most people. Lets examine this and...

Best deal on a Windows Phone 7 device: HTC 7 Mozart v. Nokia Lumia 800 v. Nokia Lumia 710

Posted by | 21:22
We now have the Windows smartphones with support from carriers. Smart Communications has the circa 2010 HTC 7 Mozart and Nokia Lumia 710. Gl...

Nokai Lumia 710 available for pre-order from Smart Communications

Posted by | 08:41
Smart unveiled the details of its plan/pricing for it Nokia Lumia 710. The phone will cost you Php450 a month for two years (Total = Php10,8...

The Samsung Galaxy Note is hot: Five million shipped in five months

Posted by | 21:27
When we first saw the Samsung Galaxy Note, we had a lot of reservations. While we loved the 5.3-inch 800 x 1280 Super AMOLED display, we fel...
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Sony Xperia S - The new king of the Android Hill?

Posted by | 21:02
The Sony Xperia S will be hitting store shelves shortly and it has a fairly impressive kit, missing only the quad-core processor most flagsh...

Apple iPhone 4S versus Nokia Lumia 800 @Globe

Posted by | 20:05
April 18, 2012 update: Globe Telecom has revised the Nokia Lumia 800 pricing. It is now free a Plan 1799. Globe Telecom is now offering both...

Alcatel One Touch Glory X 918N

Posted by | 08:11
Alcatel has launched a variant of its One Touch Glory 918N Android smartphone. The Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N is an entry level Android 2....

Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995

Posted by | 06:52
Alcatel is moving upmarket with its Android phones with the announcement of the Alcatel One Touch Sapphire HD 995. This phone is slated to h...

Commentary on PCWorlds: "Not So Hot: New iPad Heat Levels Comparable to Android Tablets"

Posted by | 02:32
Everyone has been testing the temperatures which the new third generation Apple iPad can reach. PCWorld has conducted its own s et of tests ...

Nokia Lumia 800 now on pre-order from Globe Telecom

Posted by | 07:23
Smart Communications may have gotten the exclusive on the Nokia Lumia 710 , but Globe Telecom has an exclusive on the more desirable Nokia L...

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Posted by | 01:22
A few years ago Dell built some of the best notebooks in the market. The D-series notebooks were solid business machines which could rivaled...

Nokia Lumia 710 coming to Smart Communications

Posted by | 21:26
Smart Communications is adding the Nokia Lumia 710 to its mobile phone line-up. There are no details yet as to what plans and pricing the No...

Take three on the new iPad's heat issues

Posted by | 20:32
GSM Arena conducted some heat tests on the new Third Generation Apple iPad which pretty much confirms the findings of Consumer Reports . Th...

Huawei U8860 Honor

Posted by | 04:21
Huawei has officially launched the U8860 Honor in the Philippines. The Huawei H8860 Honor is a 4-inch Android smartphone, and currently runs...


Posted by | 23:33
If by some miracle the news has not reached you yet... ANGRY BIRDS SPACE IS OUT! Angry Birds Space Free for Android  Free (Ad Supported) Ang...

Flash is dead... sort of

Posted by | 23:32
March is a amazing month for people who love wristwatches. BaselWorld, the worlds biggest watch and jewelry show is held this month every y...

Third Generation Apple iPad and iPad 2 video review by TechRadar

Posted by | 20:24
Source: TechRadar View more video from TechRadar at this link

More information on third generation Apple iPad "overheating"

Posted by | 01:16
Laptopmag conducted temperature tests on several tablets: Apple iPad 2 - A5 (dual core processor and dual core SGX543MP2 graphics processing...

Sony Xperia sola

Posted by | 21:43
Sony hopes that the Xperia series clearly points in the smartphone market. With the Sony Xperia Arc S showed that the potential is there ...

Third generation Apple iPad "overheating" issue

Posted by | 09:32
When we learned that new third generation Apple iPad had a 70% larger battery to maintain the iPad's 2 ten hour battery life, we knew th...

Budget ultraportable buyers guide

Posted by | 09:30
Choosing which low cost ultraportable to buy is difficult. There are simply so many options in the market. I do have some favorites: Php15,9...

Asus Eee PC X101CH - Finally, a Cedar Trail netbook worth buying

Posted by | 01:45
The main benefit of the new Cedar Trail Atoms is not power. Sure they can play HD video, but they are a lot slower than their AMD Fusion E-4...