Best smartphones for May 2012

Posted by | 09:30
Willing to spend over Php20,000 on a smartphone? We will try to give you a round-up of the best available choices in the Philippines. Androi...

Samsung Galaxy Note and Tabs from Globe Telecom

Posted by | 16:54
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Globe Telecom is offering three Samsung tablets, with phone functionality, at subsidized prices on their unlimited da...
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Which smartphone have the best battery life?

Posted by | 02:04
GSMArena has been doing comprehensive tests of smartphone battery life . Removing units not officially available in the Philippines, we look...

Dark Meadow: The Pack - Nvidia leverages its Tegra 3

Posted by | 20:54
Dark Meadow is Phosper Games new horror mystery game, with plenty of monster killing in between. Two version of the game have been released...

AfterFocus - Simulates how aperture settings blurs backgrounds

Posted by | 09:30
AfterFocus by is a app which simulates the ability of DSLR and other high end camera's aperture settings to blur backgrounds. It is avai...

Nokia Lumia 610

Posted by | 22:36
The two most important phones in Nokia's line-up now are the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 610. The Lumia 900 is targeted at betting back its ...

Nokia Lumia 800 and 610 now available unlocked at Nokia stores

Posted by | 19:19
Nokia Lumia 800 The Nokia Lumia 800 and 610 are starting to show up at retail stores. The suggested retail price for the Lumia 610 is Php10,...

Samsung's new Exynos 4 Quad

Posted by | 20:17

Prior to the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 3 in London, Samsung has released details on the processor and chipse...

Ubuntu 12.04 released

Posted by | 07:19
The final version of Ubuntu 12.04 is now available for download. This is the third version of Ubuntu which uses the controversial Unity desk...

I stopped using Instagram too - An Android users perspective

Posted by | 01:20
Some big names have deleted their Instagram account, namely Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey . I...

Google Drive launched, sort of

Posted by | 19:02
My phone prompted me to update an app, and to my surprise the updated app was named Google Drive . The update was actually for Google Docs, ...

The Next Galaxy - Teaser video

Posted by | 20:27
So what does the Samsung teaser site reveal. Well if you answer the question on the site, you are given access to a teaser video. It is uplo...

SkyDrive free storage reduced to 7 GB: How to keep your 25 GB

Posted by | 19:51
Microsoft has revised its SkyDrive cloud storage service offering at the same time it released an app for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 as well as ...

Nokia Lumia 610 also coming to Globe Telecom and to be sold unlocked at Nokia retailers

Posted by | 19:36 has some really good news. The Nokia Lumia 610 which has been listed as coming soon on Smart Communications website will not...

Apple iPhone 4S, HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900 display comparison

Posted by | 07:50
foxfire235 has posted a video comparison of the displays on the Apple iPhone 4S, the HTC One X and the Nokia Lumia 900. A picture was taken...

The ultrabook breaks the 40K barrier: The Acer Aspire S3-391-32364G52a

Posted by | 20:50
 The Acer Aspire S3 is the companies line of lower cost ultrabooks. In order to cut cost, Acer equipped its S3 with a hybrid drive. A 320 GB...

The Next Galaxy

Posted by | 20:24
A cryptic tweet by Samsung led to the discovery of a Samsung countdown site. Re-order the letters tgeltaayehxnx and you will get the words: ...

Smart launches an Android App Store

Posted by | 01:56
Smart Communications has launched a Android App store called AppsMart . Right now it only has free apps. I do now know what plans Smart has ...

LG Optimus L3 launching on April 21, 2012 with a special launch hour sale

Posted by | 20:46
LG Optimus L3. LG is launching its entry level Optimus L3 this Saturday, April 21, 2012. This entry level phone competes directly with Samsu...

Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2

Posted by | 20:49
The Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 is now available in the Philippine market. The Galaxy Mini 2 is a entry level Android phone. We have found i...

Globe Telecom Nokia Lumia 800 now free at Plan 1799

Posted by | 00:27
When we first wrote about Globe Telecom's Nokia Lumia 800 offering last month we were concerned that the handset was priced a bit too hi...

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E320 (1298-2EA)

Posted by | 21:55
The Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E320 (1298-2EA) is a low cost 13.3-inch Sandy Bridge powered laptop which is intended for small and medium business...

The best Android phones: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Xperia S and the HTC One X

Posted by | 23:36
One characteristic more than any other defines what a high end Android smartphone is these days is the high resolution 720p (720 x 1280 pixe...

Samsung Galaxy III to be revealed on May 4, 2012 (Philippine time)

Posted by | 02:05
Samsung is launching "the next Galaxy" on May 3, 2012 in London at 7 PM British Standard Time.  For us, this means we will get the...

IPS versus OLED: Power consumption and power saving tips

Posted by | 21:45
We often write about the power saving nature of OLED displays, like Samsung's Super AMOLED displays, when displaying a primarily black i...