Facebook with its own camera app for iOS

Are photo-apps for Apple's iOS is now a dime a dozen. And despite the recent shopping trip, at the ado Instragram Facebook for a billion dollars in the basket ended up surprised, despite the social network of buying a personal photo app, which is available from the App Store. However, there are still a lot to be observed here.

The app even shows indeed strong, but is equipped with some outstanding features. Thus, the Facebook photos of friends searched, new shot and edited and uploaded directly. Among other things, the user some filters are available, such as the sepia filter. Facebook friends can be accurately marked on the images and, if necessary, the image can not be resized.

Sections must first be made ​​in compliance, because it seems that it is these complex functions on all major smartphones to provide. So far this is only the IOS of the iPhone to get compatible and only in the U.S. App Store.

When the camera to Facebook app in the App Store is German, was not announced yet. Even an iPad version should be planned.

Source: Engadget