Galaxy grade 10.1: change to higher chip set?

Again, it is now three months since we were the first time, the Galaxy Score 1.10 hold in our hands, but a launch is still not in sight. Instead, it turned out now through various benchmark results that Samsung apparently playing with the idea to build in a much more potent SoC. At that time they wanted to make any solid information, but it is believed that originally a faster 1.4 GHz dual-core Exynos was used 4210th This has now changed presumably against the Exynos 4412 - Quad-Core, which is also found in the new Galaxy III.


Since the results in ES 2.0 Base Mark Taiji but still significantly higher than that of the Galaxy S III is believed that in addition a new graphics core has been integrated. The smartphone uses its SoC currently in Mali 400MP GPU benchmark results allow us to imagine, however, that it could be explained by the first field test of Mali GPU-604T, which up to five times should be stronger.

Even if the biggest chip on the market of Apple ARM A5X currently Samsung so it should be possible to outdo them, at least in terms of graphics power and efficiency. In addition, the so-called S-Pen can now be stored directly in the housing should, so as not to lose.
Source: Nordic Hardware