Roccat Kone XTD, Lua Tri-Button und Power-Grid-App auf E3 und im Computex Juni

In June this year again starts the E3 in Los Angeles and Computex in Taiwan. Roccat is also like every year at the start and before this time is the true highlights. The quite some time now on the market, Kone [+] receives an update in the form of Kone XTD, should surpass everything. A 8200 dpi laser sensor and an improved software here represent only a small part of the whole dar. Roccat promises a timely publication date in early October 2012.

Brand new at Roccat but Lua is the Tri-button gaming mouse. This V-shaped mouse is suitable for both left-and right-handed and is in possession of a freely adjustable 2000 dpi sensor. The Lua will be available, even from the beginning of August. For more information, we will probably find the latest at E3 and Computex.

The special thing is well, but in March announced Smartphone App from Roccat this functionality it should be possible to directly touch screen on the mobile device or PC to control games. At the trade fairs is probably the first time tests can perform yourself, the app is currently in beta. After this publication does Roccat free to download.