Rumors about iPhone 5 with 3.9-inch display

Apple is currently testing several prototypes and iPhone claims to have heard from an independent source, that some of these iPhones are equipped with a brand new display. Was the first really big change of the display of the original iPhone when changing it to the fourth generation of the retina display 640x960. The screen always measured 3.5 inches diagonally and had a 3:2 format. All this will change with the new iPhone. Two prototypes with a larger display to listen to the name iPhone 5.1 (code name N41AP) and 5.2 (code name N42AP). These smartphones are currently located in the hands of employees, but not in a final package.
The new screen will measure a diagonal of 3.95 inches and have a resolution of 640x1136 pixels. The display will thereby be increased in height only and remain the usual 1.95 inches wide. The new resolution would have the new iPhone almost a 16:9 format and could therefore represent movies and videos in this format better in full screen. The rumors also include changes in the new IOS software 6: The new screen can display with the extra pixels more information. Perhaps more could be represented as icons in the current iPhone. The prototypes were also equipped with a dock connector smaller than before and the normal home button. What exactly is tuned to the rumors, time will tell as always, the future and Apple Keynote.