Samsung Galaxy S3 - Over 9 million pre-orders

In addition to Apple's annual update of the iPhone was probably usually expect no other smartphone for as long as the Galaxy S III of the Korean manufacturer Samsung. In eleven days it does, then it appears in this country and the number of pre-orders even exceeds the expectations of Samsung.

While there are no official figures yet from Samsung, however, told the news agency "Reuters" that the new top smartphone from Samsung about nine million copies pre-ordered. Alone with its predecessor, the Galaxy II, Samsung managed about two million copies within two months of the man or woman to bring. Apple announced the other hand, after 24 hours pre-ordered about a million units and over a weekend more than four million units sold.

 So far, no end in sight, because so far, the U.S. remains excluded from publication because it is still unclear whether there will appear an LTE version with dual-core processor instead of the regular Galaxy III. Thus, may soon be gathered strong pre-orders in the U.S..
source: Engadget