Windows 8 will be released in October

Windows 8 - Work on the operating system will be completed in the summer, according to insiders. The market launch both devices with Intel, and come with ARM chips in the sale.

In October, the new version of Windows with the new Metro surface in the final version on the market. Bloomberg reports that according to relevant information from insiders who are familiar with the matter.


At the launch both devices with chips from Intel, are offered as well as ARM. This is Microsoft's promise of what the new Windows will now support both standards. The selection of devices with ARM processor will be small, however. The aim is to start less than five ARM devices come to market, in addition to more than 40 models with Intel chips. This is due to very strict quality controls carried out by the software giant in the ARM devices.

With a launch in October aimed at Microsoft on the profitable Christmas season. "If they miss the September-October time frame, they can no longer deliver in 2012" according to a Gartner analyst on Bloomberg. Microsoft wants to create with the new Windows, which will also allow the convenient use of tablets, a new competitor to Apple's iPad.