Windows Phone 8 mit Qualcomm S4 Plus CPU

Posted by | 00:16
Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer, what the processors of Smartphone, tablets and similar multimedia devices involved. Now it has announc...

HTC: Confirms Wi-Fi problems with one X

Posted by | 17:03
It is not so long ago that the HTC one X in the shops has come, but in the meantime, it hailed some user complaints relating to the wireles...
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HSA Foundation: AMD and ARM want unified platform

Posted by | 09:36
AMD has established instruments, the HSA Foundation - Heterogenous system architecture - with several like-minded companies including ARM, ...
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Max Payne 3: Cheaters remain among themselves

Posted by | 09:30
Cheaters are a permanent nuisance in online games. You despite the honest players again and again the round or sometimes even throughout the...
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New gaming mouse from SteelSeries world of Warcraft

Posted by | 05:58
The company of SteelSeries has certain devices in our product range, specifically designed for games for some time. Contrary to the standa...

Battlefield 3: Leak to the premium DLC package

Posted by | 07:44
Unlucky 2011 only at verses pasted electronic arts. Crysis 2 seemed without DX11 and high resolution textures a small disaster, instead of l...

ARTiGO A1200: A fanless Mini PC from VIA

Posted by | 08:11
VIA enters with the new Mini PC ARTiGO A1200 no new ground - the manufacturer is a well-known name in the embedded business. In a just onc...

Logitech wireless solar keyboard announced

Posted by | 08:05
The Swiss computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech has recently a compact keyboard in his portfolio included, which should include some ha...

Windows 8 preview release is available for download

Posted by | 19:18
The software giant Microsoft has provided earlier than she expected to release preview of Windows 8 download. This includes some improveme...
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