Logitech wireless solar keyboard announced

The Swiss computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech has recently a compact keyboard in his portfolio included, which should include some handy features in itself: the wireless solar keyboard K760.

Application of peripheral to the mobile application for Mac, IOS and iPhone be. This designed in appearance with very compact dimensions and sober design.
Striking is the large solar cell at the top of the keyboard - they should ensure that the used batteries keep much longer than in conventional input devices. Logitech promises a period of at least three months.

Using the Bluetooth technology is connected the pen with Apple products - it should iOS models as well as Macs are supported. Whether other Bluetooth enabled devices with the keyboard can be connected, Logitech first glosses. There is already a larger PC model, which is offered under the name K750.

Logitech saving a solar keyboard K760 the numeric keypad with the wireless, which clearly will benefit the size of the product. Thus the device should be easily transportable, which is compliant with known iOS models. Also product design is noticeably based on Apple products and so the keys are also kept in white silver surface. Specifically for use on the Mac, Logitech powered some specific function for settings such as screen brightness, volume, eject drive and command function the input device.

With up to three devices the Bluetooth keyboard to can connect to, so that you easily iPad between, for example, iPhone, and can switch to Mac.

Quelle: Logitech