Max Payne 3: Cheaters remain among themselves

Cheaters are a permanent nuisance in online games. You despite the honest players again and again the round or sometimes even throughout the day. This leads since these killjoy can fight years that developers and server operators must consider ever more complex procedures such as they. Rockstar announced Max Payne 3 permanently in the future of honest players to separate cheater in multiplayer games.
Along with the intention of exploits with future patches to combat rock star has now also announced that cheaters have been transferred once no longer can engage in joint games with honest players. So those that access in the multiplayer mode of Max Payne 3 to unfair means to take part in the future only in games in which only other cheater participate.
If you caught someone else when the cheating with invisibility, infinite adrenaline or other cheating a multiplayer games those specially E-Mail address log and thus his help that cheater of other Max Payne the fun ncihtmehr adversity 3 players.

The email to should include more information:
The platform in which it was played (PS3, Xbox 360 or PC)
The Gamertag or the ID of the supposed cheaters
A description of the incident
as far as possible evidence for the crime (e.g. video or screenshot) very important

Other annoying game modes such as camping, on Rockstar explicitly indicates games, be punished with a ban. As well, Rockstar will respond no bans for inappropriate behavior in the voice chat or similar to games. Here, gaffes by gamertag or PSN ID to Microsoft or Sony would have to be reported.

Source: Rockstar Games