Windows Phone 8 mit Qualcomm S4 Plus CPU

Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer, what the processors of Smartphone, tablets and similar multimedia devices involved. Now it has announced that the upcoming Windows phone 8 Smartphones also on the power of Snapdragon S4

Unlike Android, Microsoft are clear lines and finally the release of Windowsphone licenses. For manufacturers, this means that they may use only the chipset has chosen Microsoft - Windows phone the S4 Snapdragons by Qualcomm. Samsung produces its own CPUs, for example, and also Texas is represented with its OMAP processors in many devices instruments.

However, Qualcomm with the S4 chipsets that front, both the CPU, the GPU and power consumption goes to nose. While mainly the former ATi engineers are expected to be responsible for the strong graphics capabilities, so it is quite clear the power of 28 nm manufacturing process.

MSM8960 chipset, which currently represents the most powerful SoC Qualcomm can score in addition to its two ARM - A15 320 GPU cores with LTE and a very strong Adreno. Thus, Microsoft could set standards, just in terms of Xbox Live. The market share of Windows phone devices is 2% world's not even and especially in Germany it looks not much better. Microsoft has therefore already the surface so adapts to the Windows phone 8 devices that it is now possible to drop there single apps, as well as to be able to store more items there. Even though it currently anything but rosy looks for Windows phone, at least with the S4 Snapdragon processors Microsoft has made the right choice.

Source: press release