AMD Bulldozer: delay of the Zambezi CPUs?

AMD Bulldozer: As so often happens fairly seen shortly before the start of a long-awaited product to many rumors, both positive and negative. Among the latter probably includes the latest, that is that the new processors Zambezi bulldozers move on base a few months. These reports were independent of the Swedish colleagues SweClockers as well as from Asian sources as ocwork bench and say that the first products Zambezi probably until August or even September will be available.

So AMD is not the only one who takes on future product launches a little more time. According to other rumors, the start of Ivy Bridge CPUs to March / April 2012 is postponed. From a link between these two assumptions, we currently do not.

Also presents a picture of the Turkish hardware site DonanimHaber that is currently the start of delivery for the end of the 2nd Quarter plans, but one must remember also the time it from the GlobalFoundries factories still need to dealers on the shelf - as a rule is expected here with 2-3 months.

This confirms once again more or less then the August / September as the launch date, but you should bear in mind that these are still rumors. Reasons could also be potential problems with the manufacturing process.

After all, it is certain that it will present at Computex in late May or early June, the new AMD CPUs Llano notebooks, desktop offshoot follow soon after.

Source: computer-base