AMD Phenom II X4 980

The AMD Phenom X4 is now two years in unchanged configuration on the market and reflected are still fairly reasonable compared to much more expensive competition from Intel. Today, AMD did with the Phenom X4 980 the fastest Deneb, the will was there and, from the line

This small update speed of 100 MHz, lends the Processor but no wings, but the 2.8% increase resulting first benchmarks to measure impact in actually 2% more power - the architecture scaled so still pretty good, considering that they have a Specktrum covering from to 1.2 GHz. "oldie but goldie" one might think, after all, the Athlon in the old 45 nm process produced, while Intel's 32 nanometer processors have their debut in the German households already long past. 

Probably, this update will be completed gradually over the entire range of products that arrive so soon, "new" models. Could prevent such an update, however, the upcoming Bulldozer architecture that is consistent with the mainstream solution Llano back in the starting blocks and will be introduced probably to match the E3 or Computex trade show.
But we come back to the silicon back that will find its way from the end of this month in the trade: As usual, the buyer gets a native quad-core CPU, the overclocked 3.7 GHz quickly and at 2 and 6 MB L2 cache MB L3 cache may use. Unfortunately, even at the current hunger changed, is still listed at 125 watts. Compared with current Sandy Bridge processors must be new, the old but clearly beaten, and can be positioned in the middle just before the old Core i5-750. Only in massively parallel tasks he can catch up architecture requires a good bit, but otherwise remains the Phenom X4 980 small 100 MHz update. Hopefully, this can make the upcoming Bulldozer architecture from AMD lost ground well, finally revived the business and competition drives down prices - important for the consumer. The price for the 980 is $ 195 with still quite high, but will fall dramatically once the CPU is then actually shipped.