AOC Releases New 3D Widescreen Monitor

The 3D technology is becoming increasingly popular. More and more TVs and monitors will reflect a 3-D feature, which is content with the impression of depth features. So also can the Taiwanese manufacturer AOC jump on the train and show presents a new 3D Widescreeen monitor, the 3D content without the expensive Nvidia 3D vision.

The AOC has e2352Phz a 23-inch diagonal screen and is based on the LED-backlit technology. When design is reminiscent of the widescreen monitor is a bit of a Samsung model, because here is set to black piano lacquer. In the production of monitors is for environmental reasons completely abandoned mercury. The brightness is 300 cd / m² and the screen can be a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Thus, to the screen thanks to the response time of five milliseconds for games and movies, but also well suited for office applications. The 3D feature is not one on Nvidia's 3D vision method which works with shutter glasses, but to the polarization method, which is also used in the cinema, but is required for this purpose a pair of glasses. For the attachment is HDCP compatible HDMI input.

The AOC e2352PHz 3D widescreen monitor is expected to be available in mid-July this year. The suggested retail price is 249 €. Whether the technique also can enforce Zalman used in its monitors remains unclear, since the copies have become very rare. But for the price, this could be expensive compared to the Nvidia 3D vision technology is an affordable alternative for those who want to come enjoy the benefit of 3D content on your home computer.

Source: AOC