Dual-GPU Card of PowerColor -Radeon HD 6890?

Again and again, images on constructions of dubious, often never reach the production stage. So it was this time PowerColor, of which the image of a possible dual-GPU card is. Perhaps this product could also be actual reality, and it's your chance to be officially presented.

This one focuses on two Bart's GPUs, which find their place on a single PCB. Combined, the two Radeon 6870er an unknown bridge chip that could potentially come from LucidLogix or PLX.

The card can fall back on its 2 x 256-bit memory interface to a total of 2 GB GDDR5 memory. But the two GPUs with 2240 stream processors will be adequately supplied with electricity. Thus, in addition to the PCI Express slot requires two other 8-pin connector that can deliver over 400 watts into the inside of the card.
That's not all, can the card still in the quad-GPU CrossFireX mode to use as a team, should be a corresponding second or two other cards are available. Output side, one HDMI output, two DVI and two DisplayPort connectors. Prices or a specific model name are not known, it could be, but the upcoming Radeon HD 6890th