Asus ROG G53SX Gaming Notebook sighted

Asus offers in the "Republic of Gamers"series, purpose-built hardware for gamers. These are notable in contrast to the normal models from mostly by higher clock rates, or special properties. In addition to motherboards and graphics cards, such as that shown on the Computex Asus Mars 2, takes on Asus and entire notebooks in their ROG series. This time it is the ROG G53SX 3D gaming notebook. The special feature of the notebook is the screen that the 3D content without a shutter or polarized glasses can represent.

The Huron River G53SX based on Intel's platform with a Core i7 processor. The graphics card is a GeForce GTX 560M with 2 GB of graphics memory. As an SSD hard drive probably will be used. Conceivable, however, is a composite of a SSD for the operating system and other normal hard drive with 10,000 RPM. The size of the plates is unknown. The screen is 15.6 inches tall, and offers the possibility of 3D videos, pictures, and games without any shutter or polarization glasses display.

The design is, as usual, addressed to the gamers love. The notebook is held entirely in black. The keyboard is slightly inclined to offer the players more comfortable during their virtual battles. The area beside the touch pad is gummed with and prevents any slip on the surface. The vents are located on the rear panel. Thus enters the heat dissipation is not in the direction of the user.

When and at what price the one shown at Computex Asus ROG G53SX available, was not yet announced.

Source: TechConnect Magazine