Apple vs. Samsung: failed peace talks

For some time, the two smartphone makers Samsung and Apple at war because of patent infringement in court. The criticism of Apple is always the same here: Samsung is said to be the design of Apple's iDevices like the iPhone and iPad have copied, for example, the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But both competitors have chosen to settle out of court and met recently at a hearing. The aim was to find a peaceful solution, while more favorable.

The two CEOs Tim Cook and Choi Gee-Sung, who met last Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco to the patent dispute over the design of products to find and settle out of court settlement. At the same time Apple was accused of failing to pay royalties for a patented wireless technology. The conversation was moderated by a judge and was beaten a total of seventeen hours - to no avail.

Both sides had apparently too different viewpoints and goals to come to a common denominator. Tim Cook even declared some time ago that he would prefer to settle out of court. On 27 June should go to the patent dispute in the next round and then could be presented first results.

Source: MacRumors