Ergonomics Update for MMO Mouse Razer Naga now available

Razer's first Naga mouse appeared in 2009. Specifically for MMO games they scored with 12 configurable keys thumb. Previous tests prove absolutely that the Naga has a right to exist. Now, the manufacturer provides a greater ergonomics update.

By the manufacturer, there is now a matte coating in addition to three new sides to the width of the mouse or to individualize for each. A replacement should this not be a problem and quickly go on the stage. But that should not be anything. Also, the surface lived to an update in the form of a different button layout. Better accessibility was probably the main reason for this change. Thus, the mouse is now, for long gameplay, more comfortable in the hand, which is especially for MMO games have become an important criterion.


Whether Razer has changed other things, was currently not being disclosed. Was confirmed, however, that the interior steady for 2009-spec model. A 3,500 DPI laser sensor 3.5G and 1 ms response time set is standard, as well as a tracking speed of 200 IPS. Gamers should be as full again get their money and have fun playing in the digital world.