FIFA 13: EA announces first details

Fans of sports games in general, football fans in particular and all others who monitor the market for computer and video games are now used to it that every year a new FIFA game on the shelves. Now EA has commented on some features of the next part of the series. In particular, the artificial intelligence is to be further improved, thus ensuring even more authentic game situations.

The improvements to the artificial intelligence to affect a whole series of play areas. Starting with the better use of space in preparation of moves will also improve the analysis of the opponent. The pure fixation on the ball is replaced by the analysis of the entire player, allowing to run routes from players who are not in possession of the ball will be considered, which should lead to more realistic and better responses. Possible pass receiver should also move better, and thereby enable new attacking options.

The dribble is also elaborated further, EA talks about the "most complete and intuitive" dribble series. The soccer superstar Lionel Messi served as inspiration for the developers of the new "Complete Dribbling". Precise movements and full 360 ° freedom of movement to allow more creative, faster and therefore more realistic battles.

The ball control is developed, the times in which each player controls on the practice field the ball perfectly with FIFA 13 will be over. The pressure applied defensive pressure, the speed of the ball and the direction from which comes the ball will be in the future for the reception of the ball and therefore also the beginning of the control of the ball by a player is crucial.

The free kicks are to be improved in FIFA 13: During the offensive team will receive more deception and pass options to the defending team can make its free wall and place it on the field. The career mode is changed according to the wishes of fans and well developed. The online service EA SPORTS Football Club will also be changed and improved with many new features. With more than 500 officially licensed clubs, new game modes and many other improvements will FIFA 13 in the fall of 2012 for the PC, PlayStation 3 (with support for Move), the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, all IOS devices , the Xbox 360 (with support for Kinect) and Nintnendo Wii.

Source: EA