Battlefield 3: Leak to the premium DLC package

Unlucky 2011 only at verses pasted electronic arts. Crysis 2 seemed without DX11 and high resolution textures a small disaster, instead of large graphics to present spectacle and origin was also a not all too small uncertainty among players. The misery to Crysis 2 could be abolished although rather long delay, but fights it today with a bad reputation for origin. 2012 one has promised are probably more, but seems the peace with the fans through the leak of a PDF file then.

Seemingly battlefield 3 from the developer's point of view has recorded yet long not the expected profits and thus almost to a pay-2-win the game seems to drift game. That turned out with a geleakten PDF document. To short the premium benefits to name a few:

  • All five DLC packages
  • Two weeks earlier access
  • Exclusive Kit and weapons skins
  • Various new dog tags
  • 20 new weapons
  • New ACB 90 knife
  • Ten new vehicles
  • Five new Assigments
  • Various new Spielmodis like tank superiority, gun master, conquest domination
  • Preferably in the server queue
  • Reset statistics
  • Exclusive double XP weekend
  • Exclusive events
  • Exclusive video clips
  • Exclusive strategy of GUIDs 
Battlefield 3-premium-DLC-package

It is well possible that this content be the premium reserved for users. Although there is still no official statement to this document by electronic arts, but asserted it still this content 2011 in an interview for free to to provide.

Source: VG247, Gamestar