New gaming mouse from SteelSeries world of Warcraft

The company of SteelSeries has certain devices in our product range, specifically designed for games for some time. Contrary to the standard she now brings out a wireless mouse instead of cable, as usual, to set. The design makes her a lot visually. The surface of the new mouse shows the complete finely crafted world of Warcraft map overview. The blue Rune logo on the back of the mouse sets the rodents this trend in scene. To prevent accidental slipping, the pages made of rubber are worked. The upper keys are intentionally larger, to simplify the operation and optimize.

Inside the wireless mouse working a new laser sensor with up to 8,200 DPI, which offers ample air upwards. SteelSeries sets in a suitable driver software, which has integrated 130 predefined commands and easily to manage should leave. Record macros should be child's play thanks to the driver. The wireless gaming mouse has built-in lithium-ion batteries which very easy to recharge with the docking station, which is included in the scope of delivery. An empty battery to be fully charged within an hour according to the SteelSeries. Gamers can look forward, because if the information is correct, the battery holds full 16 hours play through before he failed and must in the station intermediate parking.

Source: Steelseries