Android game console Ouya is presented as a successful Kickstarter project

Google's own Android operating system, which was designed initially only for smartphones and Tablet PCs, is used in more and more devices. In addition to current TV ensures great stir a Kickstarter project called Ouya and will revolutionize the gaming on the console.

The game console is by Yves Behar have been designed and reminds the size of her on a set-top box. Color console, as well as the corresponding controller with touch-sensor are designed in silver with brushed aluminum. 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB come a Tegra 3 SoC for use under the hood storage. An HDMI output allows connection to a TV and display in 1080p. Wireless Bluetooth LE serve 4.0 and a WiFi module to the 802.11 b/g/n standard.

The goal of Ouya makes it clear the trend of today's gaming at the same time more and more. More and more developers leave studios developing titles for consoles, and tend towards the development for smartphones and tablets. More and more better title and old classics appear on mobile devices for a very good price. But at home the title on the small devices cannot play back same feel like on a real console front of the TV. And here Ouya will apply and combine both.

Developers also have much more freedom in the programming of games, because hardware and software are open source. A requirement for a publication, however, is that the published title must be free of charge. Various studios like Mojang or even co-inventor of the Xbox, Ed fries, now support this project with great enthusiasm. And the users are apparently convinced, because now the Kickstarter project achieved a donation amount just below the 3 million euro dollar brand, and that although 28 days to collect time to donating is present.

From a donation of $ 95 you can console the Ouya get. There will be an additional controller more for $ 30. Donations can be made via kickstarter.

Source: Kick start