Intel Atom Codename "Bay Trail" in 22nm

Since the Intel Atom Processor 2008 came on the market, he has changed world sustained IT. Not only the Netbookwelle was originated in the small processor, also many library systems, Infoscreensysteme and other industrial applications are based on the small computer little since. A new version is also planned, however only for fall 2013.

The current platform of the atom, specifically Cedar trail, sold so well that it has moved a product renewal or upgrading Intel to the next year. Under the name of Bay trail a new generation of atom to appear in September 2013 processors, which will be produced in 22 nm. The economy thus achieved is in turn invested in a slightly improved performance and an improved GPU.

The GPU is also on a larger change. So Intel would like to draw again chips after the dilemma with the drivers of the Cedar view on an own design. The current graphics core comes from Imagination(PowerVR). The 22 nm Atom processors will be in addition to the classical fields of application for smartphones and tablets especially interesting. This was not only the power consumption optimized accordingly, but converted the atom to the full SoC(System_on_Chip). Therefore, integrated 3 g and LTE received the Bay trails modems, as well as special security features such as AES.

Source: CNet