Shuttle Tablet spotted at Computex

At this year's Computex computer trade show in Taipei, one or other innovation is presented, including the Taiwanese manufacturer Shuttle, which originally produces motherboards and barebones. Now, the manufacturer also tries on a private basis Tablets on Android, so far only on the version "Froyo. Overall, three in number are, and although the models N10CN12, N09CN01 and V0CT01. With the larger models, will devote shuttle to the end user. Slightly confusing, however, are the characteristics of each model.

The first model N10CN12 comes with a 10-inch WXGA screen and is based on nVidia's Tegra 2 CPU. The amount of RAM is 1GB. For Internet access to be 3G, and WiFi provided. A webcam, a compass, a GPS module, and also G-sensor are also on the board of the tablet. Optionally, even a gyroscope, a camera on the back of the unit, and a vibration function (for models with 3G/GPS) ordered to do so.

The second model with the slightly smaller 9-inch screen, the N09CN01 is, therefore, also with similar hardware. Here, too, can optionally a gyroscope, another camera and a compass and vibration motor for 3G/GPS models are ordered to do so.

The third device is to be a tablet, which is due to its price and equipment ideal for school use. The V08CT01 has an 8-inch SVGA screen with a resolution of 800x600 and is also based on the Android system. The processor is the Texas Instruments Cortex A8 processor with a clock speed of 600MHz. The clock rate can however be increased to 800MHz. The amount of RAM is only 512MB. This is the tablet be extremely impact resistant. Here, too, can be added when ordering optional modules the same as in the second model.
When and at what price the individual tablets will be available has been on the show yet to be announced. However, one might expect with such a range of options for the components with an availability of only shuttle itself.

Source: engadget