Acer Predator G5910g Gaming PC now Available

Acer had introduced the Predator G5910 gaming desktop in April. Now the computer in the striking design available in the European shelves - Acer promises an excellent availability. In the images you send to the Tower with the great Predator G logo on the side wall. By contrast, the Acer logo even looks a bit puny. Send the vents give the device also has a dangerous look. Attracting attention is the Predator G5910 so definitely.

Predator G5910
The avant-designed tower potters either an Intel Core i7-2600. In addition, you can equip your computer with up to 16 GB of RAM. In addition, the PC comes with a maximum of two drives and four hard drives with up to 2 TB memory. The choice of graphics card is up to the customer so you can choose between a computing unit of the AMD Radeon HD 6800 series or a Geforce GTX 4XX. By default, the device comes with a 16x DVD burner, but can be optionally equipped with a Blu-ray combo drive or a Blu-ray burner. Gives the smallest output of finished PCs are favorable from 799 €.