Battlefield 4: Beta starts 2013

After developer DICE and Publisher Electronic Arts disagreed before just right, whether or not already named a beta for battlefield 4, the successor to the award-winning Battlefield 3, at the present time the final decision was now: Yes! Thus, it is clear: the beta to Battlfield 4 starts in the autumn of 2013 and the game thus probably first appears at the end of next year.
Battlefield 4

Certainly the excitement about battlefield of 4 in the is passed hardly someone days escaped, we have reported the accidental announcement in this Medal of honor pre advertising. DICE and EA have presented up to this point neither an endorsement nor a clear denial. This further fueled of course speculation and gave them a lot of explosiveness. Because it makes the appearance that it originally was an unwanted publication of pages of electronic arts. DICE made then also somewhat angry look, and a corresponding Tweet in "BF4?" so that it moved quickly back to the message Maybe one day. "Remember, if it is not on it's not official". modified.

Finally, sometimes the rumor went around, to battlefield 3 you want battlefield: bad company 3 focus, but now everything is clear. Latest reports say that in the fall of 2013, the battlefield 4 launches beta and a new bad company still will require time title seems to.

Is the only way to one of the probably extremely coveted battlefield 4 to get beta keys like in battlefield 3, on the order of the next Medal of honor game. The latest name which has long been established and this time based also on the frostbite 2.0 Engie series, will be on October 25, 2012, under the title Medal of Honor: Warfighter appear for the PC, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

EA of according to his own statement "at a later date" will announce more detailed information so everything else except the time frame for the launch of the beta.

Source: EA
Image: Spieletipps